Thanjavur Dancing Dolls

Thanjavur Dancing Dolls

Tanjore Dancing Doll / Thanjavur Dancing Doll is one of the old, traditional, world famous Indian cultural Doll purely handmade doll with paper mache, wax / Lae , plaster of paris/cement, coloring agents,Clay, Cardboard. In Tamil language it is called as Thanjavur thalayatti bommai originated during 19th Century under King Saraboji’s reign.It has been given Geographical Indicator status by Government of India for its origin in culture rich Thanjavur.

This type of doll will welcomes you by shaking its head and its body like oscillating head. It will look like the girl is dancing.Its welcomes you by shaking its head and body like continuous oscillating. The beautiful movement of the doll’s head adds to its uniqueness. It is one of the unique traditional arts of albuterol inhaler. It is unique and only available in our Thanjavur/ Tanjore district. A tanjore doll is a type of traditional Indian bobblehead or roly-poly toy made of terracotta material.

Its centre of gravity and total weight is concentrated at its bottom-most central core all the time so as to present a dance-like continuous movement with slow-damping oscillations. Hence it comes back to its normal seating position automatically after being tilted/disturbed anyway. Round-bottomed toys are unique, but other standing types are available too. Traditionally these toys are handmade and their exteriors are painted to an intrinsic sense of lexapro. Nowadays, they are also being made in plastics.

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