[one_third]Emperor Raja Raja Cholan built the Thanjai Big Temple (also referred to as Thanjavur Peria Koil or Tanjore Big Temple) almost a thousand years ago; it took 4 years of construction and was dedicated in1010 AD. Raja Rajan reigned between 985 AD and 1014 AD. It can be rightly said that the Second Golden Age of Tamil Nadu started with his reign and continued for another two centuries. Special ablutions (‘abishekams’) will also be performed to Lord Brihadisvara and Goddess Periyanayagi, the presiding deities of the temple[/one_third] [two_thirds_last]

Cultural programmes marked the birthday celebrations of the King. What impressed and attracted large number of people were the ‘abishekams’ performed to Lord Brihadisvara and Goddess Periyanayagai. It was a rare sight to see the ‘abishekam’ being performed to one of the biggest Siva Linga.
Brihadisvara, also called Peruvudayar in Tamil, was immersed in litres of milk, ghee, sandal paste, tender coconut, fruits, scared ashes etc. ‘Annabishekam’ and ‘Panneer abishekam’ were also performed. Sacred leaves like Bilva, Vanni, Nochi, Pichi, Aththi, Arasan, Alan, Pala etc. were also applied. Finally holy water from 108 kalasams was poured on the Linga.
The devotees feel cultural programmes marking the birthday celebrations of the King are very impressive. According to devotees visited earlier said that 47 types of ‘abishekams’ will be performed to the Lord. Floral decoration shall be done at the end and ‘aarthi’ would be performed.[/two_thirds_last]

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