Thanjavur Bell Tower

Thanjavur Bell Tower

Bell tower is situated in the Northwestern side of the Arsenal Tower. This tower is also known as “the wide holed ear pavilion” to the public. It is also believed that the Vijayaraghava Nayakkar offered worship in the direction of Srirangam from the top terrace of this tower.

This tower, which is having seven storeys, is stated to have initially held more number of storeys, which were damaged by thunder and rain. A research note informs that there was a novel clock of sizable dimensions, forming part of the structure in which the figure of a monkey used to strike the gong every hour. The tower is fashioned in the style of Gingee Nayaks.

Portraits of several Maratha rulers including Sarfoji are painted in the Darbar hall. The octagonal columns, marvellous arches and wall of the hall are adorned with images of deities like Siva, Vishnu, Indra with their consort etc.

Thanjavur Palace with its architectural beauty reflects the ‘Marathas’ and ‘Nayaks’ patronage towards art and culture. Paintings in the Darbar hall depict the scenes from epic Ramayana and stucco figures of Gods and Goddesses are well projected on the walls and ceiling.

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