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Project Green City


We are glad to announce our NOTs first event of this year 2012- “Project Green City”. Goal of this event is an initiative to help restore tree cover in our Thanjavur region by planting as many as trees possible. Our plan is to plant 50 saplings in Thanjavur.

We need your help, any of you or your friends/family working with municipality or highways department to get a permission to plant/donate saplings or any other ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated.Thanks everyone. Have a nice day!



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  • Nizar Isagoodboy

    Will ask my mom… She was in Judiciary department and may know good people..

    • Vijaykaran Baskaran


  • Nizar Isagoodboy

    I would recomend "Neem tree" (Veppa maraam).. this will sustain for long and its good for air quality…

  • Muralidhar Gnanasekaran

    Aala maram; arasa maram; puliya maram; ellathaiyum chediya vainga; marama vaikatinga…….

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